Welcome John!

von  Kapitän Husmann 30. Mai 2008 12:49
Welcome John!

We are really looking forward to your visit on board AIDAdiva in the harbor of Naples! Even though I won't be able to greet you personally on the gangway because I am presently underway on the Baltic Sea with AIDAbella, I wish you a wonderful day on board.

My colleague Captain Lutz Leitzsch and his crew will most certainly take very good care of you. Enjoy the ship and above all the fantastic food on board! Of course to go with it a fine Italian red wine and a view of Mount Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples - a moment you'd almost like to capture on film!

I'm very familiar with AIDAdiva, as I was her Captain last year. In April of 2008 I was permitted to commission her sister ship, AIDAbella, as her Captain. By the way both of these beauties with the kissing lips on the bow are identical in construction and both are adorable.

Perhaps you'll pay me a visit on AIDAbella in the near future. Then I could show you my favorite spots on the Baltic. We really must have something to eat together sometime - fish on a bun in Warnemünde.

But first lots of fun on board AIDAdiva in bella Italia!

Warmest regards, your Captain Josef Husmann (by the way, we have the same initials - like Jimi Hendrix!)

Mr. John Heald, Sr. Cruise Director der Carnival Cruise Line, lebt in Miami, ist Reisender und Blogger aus Leidenschaft. Seine legendären Einträge auf www.johnhealdsblog.com werden von 2,5 Mio. Menschen gelesen. Am Sonntag, den 1. Juni, stattet er unserer AIDAdiva in Neapel einen Besuch ab.

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von Neznakomka am 26. September 2012 um 18:45 Uhr

Have a great day on board!
Hello Heidi & John,

a warm welcome in good old Europe and on board of this beautiful vessel. Now you get hopefully the evidence that we Germans are not completely humorless anyway :-)
Take care of the volcano! 50 years ago I read that Mount Vesuvius will have a heavy eruption in 50 years - 3 days more or less. So if it gets warm under your feet you should run...

Two weeks ago I was on board of AIDAdiva in Naples. I love this ship an I love this town! Naples is so typically Italian - full of life and spaghetti and all these things.

Have fun (and beware tthe volcano),

von susistarfish am 30. Mai 2008 um 14:03 Uhr

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